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I-brainmap is a whole brain-body-mind process for integrating traumatic and overwhelming experience, through the brain’s capacity to change itself. It is a phenomenological mapping, like a field map, that describes a common experience of trauma (a handy technology to have when you’re lost in re-experiencing the past trauma in the body-brain). I-brainmap tracks the bottom-up process of brain-body-mind integration developed during more than a decade of clinical observation with many brains-with-faces, experiencing post traumatic stress, and my own lived experience of trauma.

The book, I-brainmap, freeing your brain for happiness, published in 2014, outlines the principles and conditions for brain integration and change, based on phenomenological observation and brain science in the field, incorporating mindfulness and body attunement practices.

The book/process could also have been titled I-brainmap, freeing your brain for creativity. Because when the brain is untangled from the habits of attention that keep it re-experiencing the past, the brain-body-mind is a creative process, analogous to Alfred North Whitehead’s process philosophy.